Pillars of Unity In Bridges

Building Bridges for Personal Growth and Positive Impact


At Unity in Bridges, our mission transcends the boundaries of individual communities, embracing the entire nation in our embrace of change. We recognize that profound transformation begins within each of us and ripples outward, influencing the lives around us and ultimately shaping society. Our foundation is built upon the pillars of unity and gratitude and is driven by a dedication to healthy living. We understand the power of nature and natural foods in healing and support, offering a sanctuary for diverse communities, including minorities, veterans, the LGBTQ community, and those facing mental health challenges like PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Our founder, Mario Valencia's life experiences in these communities guide our path. We stand as a beacon of hope, a bridge that unites disparate shores, and a testament to the belief that together, as a unified country, we can foster an environment of inclusivity, resilience, and prosperity for all.


Unity in Bridges stands firm on the principle of connection. Our core mission is to be the conduit for empowerment, linking those in need to essential resources for growth and health. We are dedicated to narrowing the divide, ensuring everyone has access to organic nutrition, local wellness activities, and mental health support. By fostering gratitude and mindfulness, we transform perspectives, liberating minds from negativity. Our initiatives are comprehensive, fostering mental, physical, and spiritual health. We’re not just changing lives—we’re rewriting societal narratives towards inclusivity and positivity. Join us in building bridges towards a brighter, unified future.


Empowering Communities for Positive Change

Our organization promotes living in gratitude, bridges healthy food disparities, fosters community building through nutritious events, organizes educational and physical activity initiatives, collaborates on urban forestation, and establishes community gardens to empower individuals and communities for positive change.

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